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  • Rawzor - 20% to 60% extra lossless compression on digital camera raw images (nef/orf/raf/cr2/arw/kdc etc...), even if they were already compressed in camera.
  • The Image Compression Benchmark - Results for various lossless and lossy image compression algorithms.
  • The New Test Images - A carefully chosen set of high-resolution high-precision natural images suited for image compression research and algorithm evaluation. The images historically used for compression research (lena, barbra, pepper etc...) have outlived their useful life, they are too small, come from data sources too old and are available in only 8-bit precision.
  • 64-bit Entropy Coding - The limitations faced by compression algorithms using arithmetic-coders and range-coders on 32-bit platforms and how using 64-bit arithmetic can improve compression significantly.
    • 64-bit Arithmetic Coding source - 64-bit arithmetic coder based on Mark Nelson's code (which is based on CACM87 code). Read the above article for how it compares to the 32-bit version.
    • 64-bit Range Coding source - 64-bit range coder based on Dmitry Subbotin's carry-less implementation. Read the above article for how it compares to the 32-bit version.
  • Java source code for Range Coder - Java port of Dmitry Subbotin's carry-less Range Coder, using 64-bit precision. The archive contains a generic range coder and decoder, along with a compressor with byte stream order-zero model implemented as subclasses of Java's I/O streams.
  • The Data Compression News Blog - I write at c10n on any interesting developments I come across.
The Image Compression Benchmark
The Data Compression News Blog

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